Random Things 2024-02-17

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A non-comprehensive list of things I have read and/or thought about lately:

  • Artificial intelligence and privacy: Daniel Solove is one of the foremost scholars on privacy. His 2008 book “Understanding Privacy” is timeless, and he now he has a prepublication article on the newest AI trends and privacy: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=4713111. It is an early draft, it contains more questions than answers and it writes some checks his references can’t cash. So don’t take it as gospel. But it is interesting to see where he is at.

  • cd ...: I should have known about this a long time ago, but you can tack on a number of extra dots on your cd command to ascend several folder levels in one single go.

  • Paying people for Open Source is good, actually: https://jacobian.org/2024/feb/16/paying-maintainers-is-good/. I love pragmatic thinking like this, and I don’t like purity-based or quasi-religious approaches to open source. Still, seeing how many commercial companies use open source software without contributing anything at all, the entire endeavor sometimes seems like a weird charity for commercial companies that should really be able to pay for the software they use.

  • Make Hugo publish full RSS: By default, Hugo’s RSS feed only publishes the first few sentences of your posts, forcing readers to click through to the post. If your livelihood doesn’t depend on pageviews, enable full articles in RSS: https://jasonmurray.org/posts/2021/rssfulltexthugo/

  • New search engines: Google is getting shittier, I am genereally OK with duckduckgo, but the new entrant https://stract.com has caught my eye. It is free, which is good, and it plans on a paid option, which is also good. My very non-representative test isn’t all that impressive though, and I might instead give https://kagi.com (paid service) some more attention as I am trying out new engines. My one test so far looks promising.